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Kit Locks (No Coconut Oil)

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This kit will allow you to have in hand, the essentials for a routine allowing you to wash, nourish, moisturize and turn your locks.

By purchasing these 4 products, make a discount compared to the purchase of these products individually.

My Locks Kit will be your ally to maintain your locks in your daily routine

It includes:

"Boost My Hair" Hair Milk 250ml

This oil care milk from Coco Bio and Yangu is applied directly to dry hair, starting at the tip of the hair, right down to the root. Ideal for detangling dry hair (crepus or relaxed), or for daily hair maintenance (hydration). Your hair will be softer and easier to style...

"Boost My Hair" shampoo with 250ml hot nettle

The pungent nettle is a natural hair fortifier. It is composed of minerals (sulphur, iron, silica, calcium, potassium) and vitamins (A, C.) that help strengthen hair. In addition to slowing hairloss, the pungent nettle also stimulates their regrowth and grows them in general. Pulling your locks on the hair follicle weakens it. This hot nettle shampoo will allow you to wash your locks gently, and to be able to remove all residues, while fortifying them.

"Boost My Hair" Hair Gel 100ml

Ideal for turning your locks, its composition in Honey, Inulin and xanthan gum, makes it a gel, which will leave no cardboard effect visually as to the touch. In addition to making it a styling product, this gel is also a treatment, in fact,honey: helps to fight breakage, stimulate growth and strengthen hair. It increases the ability of hair to retain water (humectant), well hydrated hair grows faster. Helps to soften the hair fiber.

Serum "Repair My Hair" 30ml

This serum is applied as a massage on damaged tips or the length of your hair to redefine your curls. You can heat your oil by dipping the bottle in a bowl of hot water just before application and stir it to homogenize it.


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